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    Updated on May 11, 2018


    The Radiology Department at Suining Central Hospital is outfitted with advanced equipment including Siemens dual-energy FLASH CT, 64 row MDCT and 16 row MDCT, Siemens 1.5T Highfield MRI scanners (Aera and Avanto), DSA of Artis zeego, Mobile DR, Hitachi DSA, Digital Mammography X-ray machine, precise quantitative computed tomography for bone density measurement, digital gastrointestinal diagnosis machine, small C arm fluoroscopy, 3500DR, 7500DR, PACS. The total value of equipment amounts to over 90 million Yuan.

    The department is presently a provincial key discipline with solid technical strength. 80% of the staff have intermediate and senior professional titles, and 20 of them have successively obtained large medical equipment operation certificates issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. It ranks among the first batch of national standardized residency training bases and provincial specialist doctor standardized training bases, and is a designated practice base for the medical imaging interns of North Sichuan Medical College and Ya'an Vocational and Technical College.

    The equipment and personnel of the department fully meet the requirements of all clinical departments for the DR, CT and MR scans and diagnosis of various diseases. In addition, it carries out examinations and adjuvant therapies to help detect, diagnose and treat diseases early, which include CT and MR whole body angiography, CT subtraction angiography, CT perfusion imaging, CT coronary angiography, CT endoscope, CT gastrointestinal examination, high resolution CT imaging of lung, middle ear and joints, systemic low-dose CT screening, CT quantitative measurement of osteoporosis, CT guided puncture and treatment, MR whole body diffusion imaging, perfusion and spectrum MR imaging, whole body vessel DSA imaging, tumor interventional treatment, endoluminal and blood vessel stent placement, blood vessel embolization. Always adhering to the tenet of "Quality is health, quality is life", the Radiology Department provides high-efficiency, good-quality, warm, and considerate services for all the patients.